A chandy in the garage!

I started this project LOOOONG before the laundry area makeover started, but I was just never fully convinced that it was done. In fact, I’m still not exactly sure it’s there. But it’s done-ish, and as of right now, doneish is good enough in my book! So, to remind you all, we started here:Laundry Before_HouseofGold

And then, the bulbs burned out of that awesome fluorescent, J refused to buy more. So we were… light-less for a while in the garage. And that’s where the dogs eat in the morning, so it was a little dark. Until I crafted the new light, that is.

First, I found two colanders similar to these:

And then I stumbled across two fruit baskets, such as these (both of these, and the link to the crystals are affiliate links, btw):

And then I spray painted the fruit baskets (twice) and rigged it up into a functioning light fixture.Colander Lights_HouseofGoldBut it still wasn’t quite done. Then one day, I received an email from Antique Farm House, and they featured this light.

Antique Farmhouse Inspiration

I fell in love, but not with the price tag. And then I figured I could modify my existing fixture to [sort of] replicate it.

So first I stopped at Michaels, armed with my 40% off coupon, and realized their crystals were still DOUBLE what they cost on Amazon. (If you’re an amazon junkie, download the app- you can scan barcodes of items, for an immediate price-match!) Obvs, I went home and ordered these crystals from Amazon. Then I not-so-patiently waited for two days until they arrived.Crystals_HouseofGoldThen I installed them!

And now?! The lights are doneish. Crystal Lights Toward Laundry_HouseofGoldLights with Crystals_HouseofGoldI think I still need to do something to the ceiling… It is sad right now. Paint it, perhaps? I toyed with the idea of planking part of it, but quickly realized that nails + plaster walls = not bff’s. So that just would not do.

What say you? What does this need to be finished? Paint? Blue Square Option_HouseofGoldGrey Border_HouseofGold

Glitter? Gold Glitter Ceiling_HouseofGoldA mural of Ed’s face? Ayudame, por favor!


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The Gold Nugget’s Room!

Months ago, if not a year, J and I had a heated discussion. And when I say heated, I mean… I was probably tickling him, trying to get him to agree to my idea, and he was getting mad because he hates being tickled. So he probably yelled. I mean, that is most likely what happened. Anyway, here was the dilemma: I wanted to do something crazy on a wall. I didn’t so much care which wall (or space), but I had the idea of doodling on it or drawing a pattern with a sharpie or something. J thought that was silly. “No, no, no”, he said. Enter: Compromise (the secret to marriage). In my moment of brilliance(ish), I said… “Fine! You can design the [hypothetical] nursery, if I get the closet.” And before I could renig on my deal, he agreed. Pretty sure we shook on it, too. So, that’s where we are. J has full control over the design of the Nugget’s room. I’m merely offering moral support and manpower. He’s calling the shots. But I get the closet.

So far, I’m completely on board with his ideas. Except for one. But you know what? It’s all his. I just offer assistance (occasionally) with the grunt work… which means I paint. J hates painting. Also, we have no idea if I am harboring an heir or heiress. So that could change some things. Maybe.

Without further ado, the ideas:


  1. We found these ammmaaaazing Stuffed Animal Heads via Amazon. I want them. BAD.
  2. When I was down at Haven, I came across Royal Design Studio, who is introducing this new line of wall decals. And I immediately fell in love with these Woodland Creatures. They agreed to send us some (because they’re awesome), and I’m dying to put them up. Just gotta finish the “base” of the room first.
  3. Have you ever seen these vintage paint-by-numbers paintings? I think they’re awesome. Pretty sure I saw them when I spent some time in Canada.
  4. I LOVE this vintage-style crib. But it’s new! Ish. We actually weren’t planning on a changing table, but I found the set on craigslist and BOUGHTTHEMIMMEDIATELY!! Shortly after that, I got banned from cragislist for a bit. But J likes them. Woo.
  5. J has it in his head that, if the nugget is an heir, he will go out to the woods, shoot a bear, and have it preserved/ whatever they do to bears, and turn it in to a rug. I think that’s pretty gross. Also, we have a giant flokati rug from when I was an infant that I think would work just fine. And then we could pair the flokati with this cute, cuddly, fuzzy, smaller Bearskin Rug.
  6. Lastly, the base of the room. Three of the walls will be painted our favorite Windfresh White (by Sherwin Williams). The majority of our house is painted this color, and we’re big fans. And then! One of the walls will get a horizontal plank treatment. We plan to finish it off differently than the living room, so it will look more clean and “regular”.

Also, I’m not telling you what the closet is going to look like. I’ll just show you. One day.

What do you think of J’s ideas?! Be gentle.

(Amazon links are affiliate links, btw.)

Mason Jars, Canning, and #CanitForward

Recently, Ball brand canning jars (Mason jars) got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to test out a few of their goodies. First, the canning jars. And then the The New Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars.  And lastly, the Mason Jar Infuser. OF COURSE I OBLIGED. That’s a no-brainer, since I use mason jars regularly for [a thousand] other things. AND! These jars are *special*. Why, you ask? Because they’re green. (Ooooh shiny! Oooh fancy!!)

I’m a huge fan of mason jars. I used them for a cute way to gift some sugar scrub last Christmas. Srub_CompleteAnd today? We’re going to use them as glasses. For drinks. This is one of our favorite summertime drinks. Well, it used to be something I drank. But now? Fetus. Fetus does not like or appreciate the alcohol. Also, in case you didn’t know, Jack Daniels and Triple Sec contain alcohol. So if you’re making (and drinking) these drinks, don’t be an idiot and do stupid things. And drink them if you’re legal. If you’re not legal and/or an idiot, I will come find you and punch you in the teeth. #butforreal

  •  1 part sour
  • 1 part Jack.
  • 1 part Triple Sec
  • 4ish parts lemon-lime soda. Husband prefers Sierra Mist, but that’s all up to you.

Mix it around in the jar, and viola. Instantly summer. (No, I did not take this photo. I found it using the google machine. I ran out of energy to take pictures after I made the drinks. BECAUSE I’M GROWING A HUMAN!)


Don’t you worry your pretty little heads. I’ll be back later with a fun project on what we did with these other jars. AND A GIVEAWAY! YOU CAN HAVE A SET OF THESE FOR YOUR VERY OWN!!!

Oprah_WinningBUT TODAY!!, they’re hosting their first annual “International Can-It-Forward Day” featuring Top Chef’s judge, Hugh Acheson. To check out the live webcast celebrating home canning (and there are giveaways on the site as well!), check this link out! You won’t be sorry.


Two Years In! And more good things to come!

It’s been two years since I married this guy! It certainly doesn’t feel like two years, though. J has a tendency to keep me on my toes, to keep things interesting, and to keep our relationship balanced. (When I say balanced, I mean… I cry, he hugs me. See? Balance.) I honestly could not be more thankful for this man.

I made a list when I was younger (okay, I made around 16,000 lists)… of the kind of qualities in a man I wanted to marry. I’m pretty sure it included the following:

  1. Loves Jesus
  2. Tall
  3. Dark
  4. & HandsomeWedded_Bliss(Check, Check, Check, Check.)
  5. Can Sing
  6. Plays guitar2014-05-10 17.34.38(check, check)
  7. Is a Dog PersonJandLennon_HouseofGold
  8. Lets me decorate things (obvs)
  9. Could potentially build me thingsHanging Crates_HouseofGold(Check)
  10. FunnyIMG_2683
  11. Likes my family (or at least is really good at pretending).JandDad_HouseofGold

I’m pretty sure there were other things on my list, but I can’t exactly remember what those things were. I guess they weren’t all that important, though. I’d say I basically hit the jackpot.

Another great thing about this guy?

He’s going to be an incredible Father. In approximately 6 months. :)