Hush, little baby.

If you haven’t noticed, the blog has been a teeeeny bit quiet for the past two weeks. And that’s because J and I took a trip… and then I took another week break after that, because, duh. Breaks are nice. Back before J and I started working on producing an heir, we had a small list of things we wanted to accomplish before a tiny human graces us with its presence.

First, we wanted to at the very least pay off his student loan and car. (We’re just going to pretend my student loan doesn’t exist. Except it does. Every month, it reminds us of that.) Regardless, CHECK! Big big relief to have those gone. Second? We tossed out the idea of a Babymoon. We were highly encouraged by Mother to head out and have a final hurrah before tiny human makes traveling a bit more complicated. But the idea of a trip quickly morphed into a multi-stop trip. We really liked our honeymoon and the simplicity of going to an all-inclusive [warm & sunny] spot, but I also really wanted to get down to Austin to visit my bff, who just produced a tiny human of her own.

So, that is what we did. We spent a couple days in Austin (mostly testing out delicious foods and such), got to see some old college buddies, and spent some time exploring the city. We tried some burgers at Hopdoddy, which was great. I mean, hamburgers. But what really changed my life at this place? The Salted Caramel Vanilla Milkshake. Really. 2014-11-02 13.20.12

This is famous for something, but I wasn’t listening when bff was explaining why. But I still like it. So there.



2014-11-02 14.57.49

We also happened to randomly drive by this place. If you have ever watched Friday Night Lights, you’d recognize it… If not, don’t worry about it. 2014-11-03 08.52.18

Then one day, we drove up to Waco to visit my Alma Mater (Baylor… sic ‘em!) for a day. Yes, there are two real live bears that live on campus. They remind me of Lennon…? 2014-11-03 11.18.31We had lunch at Vitek’s, which is a BBQ/ Frito Pie place, and they added on this whole back area to the shop. Which included this shell of an RV that you can eat in. 2014-11-03 12.38.14AND WE STOPPED BY MAGNOLIA. You know, of HGTV Fixer-Upper fame? Guys. This store was super-fun. The girls in the store were incredibly nice and helpful and friendly, and just overall people you’d want to drink an Imperial Sugar Dr. Pepper with. I totally nerd-ed out. Evidenced by the picture below: 2014-11-03 13.46.44

And then! We flew outta there and headed to Mexico. Cancun, to be exact. Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun Resort, to be exact. We scheduled a car to come pick us up, and they encouraged us (read: Jonathan) to grab a drink for the road. Duh, he obliged. And then we spent approximately 3.5 days laying on beach chairs, sunning ourselves. Really, we just ate, sat, sunned, sat, and ate. It was awesome. Oh, and we took a picture of a Donkey with a mustache. So there’s that. 2014-11-07 09.45.11

2014-11-07 18.37.35

Don’t worry. I’ll get it together and get back with some project updates for you (hopefully this week)… We’ve made some serious progress in the nursery, are still working on the hall closet, and have a good bit of other projects to share. Until then, my friends!

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We like to wear clothes.

Back when I lived in Texas, I had a friend that (for whatever reason) looooooved this cartoon that was around for approximately one (maybe two) season(s). But it [obviously] stuck with him from childhood well into adulthood.

So now that we’ve discussed the power of Hawk, Wolf, Puma, and Bear, let’s talk about clever advertising and promos that stick with you (which includes jingles). I’m a BIG FAN. Chick-Fil-A and their cows? I still remember driving (many many many years ago) on the highway with Mom and we literally stopped on the shoulder so we could take a picture of one of their billboards. That kind of advertising is good. You remember it. And it makes you laugh.

Here’s another one: Duluth Trading Company. You’ve probably seen their commercials… like this?

But then they also release things like this that are incredible. Flannual_Report_2014

AMAZING. But what’s even better than clever advertising is products that actually deliver. Again, like Chick-Fil-A. And Duluth. They promise to be basically indestructible, well-made, and kind of amazing. Lucky for us, they sent us some of their clothes to test out. They offered me some pants, but, well… pants that are not stretchy pants are not friends with me right now. Their flannels, though? AMAZING. Even when stretched to the limit. Bump Hiding Duluth_HouseofGold(This is the Women’s Crosscut Performance Flannel Shirt and I’m going to be super-sad when it no longer buttons.)

Every time J puts his Duluth outfit on, he goes bananas. “THESE PANTS ARE AMAZING.” (He received a pair of the Fire Hose Work Pants. They’re life-changing for him.) Or when I pointed out that his flannel shirt has these little expando vents on the back, allowing for airflow? “OMG NO WAY”. (He’s wearing the Men’s Crosscut Performance Flannel Shirt. *Twinsies*) I mean, he kind of basically said that. So, in case you were wondering… here’s what we think they’re good for:

Driving a truck?

Driving Truck Duluth_HouseofGoldYep.

Shopping for lumber (for your hallway closet reno project that is taking entirely too long) at The Big Orange?  Home Depot Duluth_HouseofGoldYep.

Hauling (and spreading) grass seed?

Seeding Yard Duluth_HouseofGoldObvs.

Stacking an entire cord of Firewood?

Stacking Wood Duluth_HouseofGoldC’mon. Of course.

He wears these when he goes hunting for Trouts (some might call this “fishing”), when he’s at a couple of properties he’s been working on flipping, and basically when he’s busy being all kinds of manly. The pants aren’t exactly lounge pants, so it’s not quite recommended to wear them whilst watching football. Unless, of course, you’re smoking meat on the Big Green Egg and watching the game on the back deck. And in that case, yes. Absolutely. Wear the pants.

So go check out some more of Duluth’s awesome gear! They have some incredible bags, and tons of other wearables. We’re big fans.


Remember when I promised a giveaway? And then it took me months to get around to actually doing it? Well. Today is your lucky day. But first, we rewind. The porch. The Halloween porch, to be specific.  Porch Stencil_HouseofGold

Did you see this one smallish detail? Ball Jar Porch_HouseofGoldThe mason jars. They get used for quite a bit around our house. Drinking beverages, organizing miscellaneous things in the garage, and decorations, to name a few. But today, I’m going to show you the easiest craft project ever in the history of ever.

Amass your jars into one spot, along with some moss (purchased at Michaels), and Battery Operated LED Tealight Candles. (Purchased on Amazon; affiliate link.) Canning Jar Decoration_HouseofGoldStuff moss into jars.Moss Jar_HouseofGoldPlace light atop the moss. Ball Jar Lights_HouseofGoldDONE!

And now, you can win a whole slew of these bad boys for your very own self!

To be specific, you will receive:

  • 2 cases of canning jars
  • 1 case of drinking jars
  • A mason jar infuser
  • And a sip and straw lid! Woot.

Just get to clicking on all those buttons below!
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Skeery Porch Decorations

I have never in my whole life lived in a neighborhood that gets a TON of kids for Halloween. Never. You have these grand hopes of seeing all these cute kids in costumes and buy 17 bags of candy, only to have three people stop by, and one is your neighbor asking if you had any kids come by yet. Entonces, you get sads and eat the rest of the bag of candy your dang self. EXCEPT FOR LAST YEAR. Similar to previous years, I bought my two [small] bags of candy, J and I had some friends over, we made some food and took our fire pit to the front yard to wait for the two kids to show up.  Lo and Behold, the kids arrived. En masse. I TOTALLY RAN OUT OF CANDY. Like, started handing out packets of Cream of Wheat. (I am only slightly ashamed of that. Mostly proud of my ingenuity and resourcefulness.)

Apparently, our neighborhood does it up BIGTIME. We literally had three trailers of people being pulled around the ‘hood. As in… tractors pulling trailers with hay bales and entire streets of people getting off to collect sugar. I was completely dumfounded. And amazed. THIS YEAR! I will do better this year! So I ran out to the Dollar Store (after eating some delicious Nachos, which is imperative to this story… okay, it’s not at all important), and bought two black plastic tablecloths, some weird fake crows, a skeleton garland, and two squeaky rats. I think you know where this is headed. So here’s where we started… (10 points to the person that can spot the Lennon face in the picture.):Fall Porch_HouseofGoldBUT TWIIIIST. Remember how awesome and girly and pretty that Halloween Lace Parlor Stencil was for the Hallway Closet from Royal Design Studio? Well. It can be creepy, too. I laid those two black plastic tablecloths out on the driveway, got some white primer, and stenciled away. Tablecloth Stencil_HouseofGoldStencil_HouseofGold

I didn’t want this to be perfect by any means, which is why I chose to do it on the driveway. I wanted it to look a little messy, a little grungy, and a little… awesome. Stencil Detail Porch_HouseofGold

Perfect.      Then I hung those bad boys up (kind of like drapes), layered some cheesecloth on top (from Home Depot, no less), and put out the rest of the accessories for a perfectly creeper Halloween porch. You like? Halloween Overall_HouseofGoldPorch Stencil_HouseofGoldAnd you remember those mason jars that I [briefly] spoke about a long time ago? I’m going to show you on Wednesday the easiest craft ever. And then you CAN WIN A SET OF YOUR VERY OWN! (Imagine me saying that like Oprah does for her Favorite Things episode.)

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